LIVE, LISTEN AND LEAD (The most inspiring and meaningful label in Africa) T-Farini & F-Farini Fashion company


The world is full of labels and full of people who are very creative, most of them who created their own labels started in their own countries, for example like Air Nike, Air Jordan, Puma, Saint John, Yve Saint Laurent and many more… we all know that Jesus was born in a place where no one expected, but he came from that place in order to show people that he was different and unpredictable by anyone except his father. If we could ask the whole world that in a refugee camp we can have big things, I think most of people will say no, because of its connotation, but it says in Mathematics that in each case there is an exception, and that exception is this label of Live, Listen and Lead (L.L.L) that was created and inspired by the genius of a Congolese refugee named Toussaint Farini. This humble boy who always listen to people, he heard all the advices of one the wise man that he really respect like Mr. Rufino Seva who brought his stone also to the company by adding the middle L(Listen).  This guy came in Malawi since 2013 and he started staying in Dzaleka , where he got different inspirations together with his little brother Fredy Farini before he met his friend and colleague Alain Tenta, Iris Nganji, Abu Haidary etc. Triple L started since July 2017 as a dream, and this wore a body in August same year; the dream started becoming bigger in the head of the owner, for the first time the idea was limited in Dzaleka only, but now the vision is from the camp to the whole world. For Mr. Farini, he always says that his label remains the most meaningful and inspiring in the whole world, reason why he has to expand it to the entire world. We can easily understand his power of imagination even through his own quote where he said something inspiring: "Imprisoning my body behind the fences while my mind remains free. That not a prison, but a meditation room" this quote reflect all the things that he does and that he still thinking to do in the future. For him, living in a prison doesn’t mean that is limited, he underlined that as long as his mind remains free, for him that a meditation room. All the youth need to wear the L.L.L label because it’s beautiful and inspiring. From local to international is the only dream that we have for the future of this fashion company… Only few African refugees like Alek Wek from South-Soudan did well in the world of fashion label, and these people have to be our inspiration.  
LIVE, LISTEN AND LEAD "The best Afro-refugee fashion label in Africa"
Written by L.L.L Media Team